Internet of Things – Traffic over Internet is research project directed in association with Magneti MarelliCapetti ElettronicaIvrea SistemiHicare ResearchPolitecnico di Torino and Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), that develops Internet of Things in urban environment, with a special focus on environmental and road traffic control.

IoT-ToI addresses the problem of road traffic control and pollution prevention through the data collection captured by deployed devices (fixed or movable) in accordance with the “Internet of Things” model.

The collection of such information is carried out by wireless communication technologies allowing the data sharing among the cars as well as the service center.

Collected data are then sent to a datacenter that draws the needed statistics and forwards information on traffic to the vehicles.

This system structure enables the activation of a large number of services:

  • traffic congestion evaluation and road traffic balancing
  • parking counters
  • traffic lights status evaluation and tutor for ideal speed in order to get green lights

Such services allow to cut average travel times meeting both users and urban areas demands.