FaPre is a project research directed in association with Santer Reply, Dynamic Fun Srl and Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), aimed at developing a Home Automation system for the elderly enabling the supervision and the fall prevention within the house through the use of “Internet of Things” model.

Home falls are the leading cause of home injury deaths among persons over 65 years old. Many patients are usually reluctant in asking for help after a home fall because they fear to be taken away from home in order to receive health care. Moreover, 80% of Home Automation systems are not used because of inability to use or lack of confidence towards the service/product.

FaPre project is aimed at developing, through the use of technologies connected to the “Internet of Things” model, a user friendly Home Automation system. In order to increase the confidence among the elderly towards such technology, the system empowers the fall prevention along with a very small number of sensors and devices within the patient’s house.

FaPre project provides the house with a network of smart sensors that can monitor a patient’s position, fall or imbalance. For instance, through the use of door sensors, the patient position can be identified. Furthermore, floor sensors can locate the patient even more precisely. Body postures can be monitored (standing, inclined or laid down body positions) through advanced technological devices.

Such tools can detect the body’s angle degree as well as its rotation speed, monitoring the fall. A set of cameras positioned in key points will track the patient’s movements within the house affording his privacy by a camouflaged capture of the patient’s images.

FaPre will be tested throughout the project development process in order to improve the system and make it more and more user friendly.