The EBoard function module enables a comprehensive tracking of the production process of electronic boards, reporting and identifying each production phase, production batch, component and feature of a semifinished or final product.

EBoard, through a complete integration with the assembling machinery, collects and elaborates in real-time the information connected to the whole production process of electronic board:

  • Raw material acceptancePick and place
  • Laser and serigraphy
  • Assembling of components
  • Inspections, tests and trials
  • Repair
  • Packaging

Furthermore, by the elaboration of the recorded data, EBoard allows to reconstruct the production process of each product, assuring the compliance to the selected requirements and provides the operator with a tool for the management of non compliant products in order to guarantee the highest quality standards to the market.

Tracking operations for each electronic board :

  • Components and material used
  • Production phases
  • Production orders
  • Test results
  • Repairs